307 days without hitting, but 42-year-old Dhoni MS

He hadn’t hit in a representative game in 307 days before Sunday night Dafabet App. All of them dared to dream, nevertheless. He will turn forty-three in just over three months. However, many thought he could deliver 72 babies in 23 births.

Greetings from the enchanted, bizarre, and unparalleled world of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Ever since the Chennai Super Kings signed him at the beginning of the Indian Premier League, Thala has been Captain Cool.

Sunday night in Visakhapatnam, Betway App demonstrated that he “still got it,” to use Virat Kohli’s words. Perhaps not for India anymore—he has been contentedly retired from international cricket for a considerable amount of time—but unquestionably for the team that makes him happy, makes him smile, and brings out the best in him night after brilliant night.

Although this was the Delhi Capitals’ home game technically, nobody appeared to care. At the ACA-VDCA Stadium, yellow and yellow hues dominated the scene on a night when the outcome didn’t seem to matter to anyone save the small group of people who were members of the Delhi Capitals.

The obsessive Dhoni fans at Chennai’s My 11 Circle App Stadium had been waiting impatiently for Thala to make a cameo at bat in wins against Gujarat Titans and Royal Challengers Bengaluru, but the talisman was spared from wielding his scimitar. He was left with no option on Sunday; CSK was pursuing 192 for victory and was struggling at 120 for six at the beginning of the 17th over, with their last realistic hope, Shivam Dube, being devoured by the onslaught of Mukesh Kumar.

With his signature twitchy characteristics in tow, Dhoni marched to the middle, causing the earth to tremble slightly. Just seeing the warrior in full battle gear, thrusting his broadsword ahead of him while dodging a few defensive thrusts, caused the stadium to erupt in raucous joy. For the next twenty-five minutes, not a single defensive move was made!

Dhoni sent his first delivery to the square-leg boundary after over a decade. If it had been someone else, you could have said that he was trying to push him away and took offense at Mukesh, the upstart and irreverent Mukesh. But Dhoni isn’t just anybody, is he? He noticed the ball, saw that it was in his arc, and he buffed it behind square with incredible force, timing, and placement. You mentioned that he hadn’t batted in a game for 307 days, right? Pfft.

That was only the lavish prelude. The main course arrived in an amazing rush, combining the raw strength wrapped in that lean, muscular body with a field knowledge that only the select few naturally possess. A different Dhoni, one who was still anything but an aging superstar with failing memory, might have argued that 72 in 23 wasn’t inconceivable in a bygone era, but instead he embraced pragmatism.

The game was over, he told himself and his partner Ravindra Jadeja. In order to obtain entry into the event, he utilized the deliveries that were still left, competing against the speedier boys—Mukesh, Player of the Match Khaleel Ahmed, and the ferocious Anrich Nortje—and winning.


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